Cheese in exchange for love

As we’ve all come to understand, I’m learning this step-mom thing in the fashion of “baptism by fire.” I try things (I try lots of things). And sometimes those things result in the kids responding positively and sometimes they ignore me completely (I’m looking at you Mr. Parker). But what I’m finding is that the same thing rarely has a positive effect when it’s used too many times. Except for one thing: Cheese conditioning.

I know, I know: You’re probably confused and definitely thinking about what your hair would look like if you usedimg_8418 cheez whiz as a conditioner (and if you weren’t thinking that before, you definitely are now). But no, sadly this is not a new beauty trend, it’s simply the art of winning kiddos over by using something they love. In this case, I found out early that all three of us LOVE cheese.

Think of these young kiddos as Pavlov’s dog in this scenario. When I first met Roberino’s kids, I wanted nothing more than for them to like me. So I brought something I loved (so. much. cheese) and shared it with them. I did it so frequently that I used to walk into the front door and they’d ask me if I brought any cheese. And of course, I had. And of course, they loved it. And now, of course, they love me (even when I show up empty-handed). See? Cheese conditioning!

So while the days of guaranteed cheese every time I arrive are definitely gone, I’ll always have the fond memories of watching their eyes light up like they do on Christmas morning for the mere prospect of eating a delicious slice of Vermont Cheddar from Cracker Barrel before dinner is done cooking, and a hilarious story to tell about how I won the love of two small children with the peace offering of wonderfully glorious cheese.

Now THAT’S what I call a love story!


This was week 1 of the prompts from Hannah! Come back next week for another installment of “What can Melynda and Hannah get the other one to write about?!”

Until then,



November, at last

If you’ve been a follower of my blog for the past few years, you’ll know two things for sure. First, you’ll know that I don’t post very frequently (clearly so, since it’s been almost a year since the last), and second, that I always try my hand at NaBloPoMo and attempt to write a post every single day during the month of November, but end up failing in some way.

So this year I’m trying something new. Away with trying to force myself to write a post every day this month, and instead, I’ll write a new post every Wednesday with a new topic decided on by the lovely Hannah R. Savoy (the R stands for “Riesling”).img_6378

“But what are you getting out of this, Melynda?!” no one asks. Weh-hell my dear friend, the twist is that Hannah will also be taking part in this challenge, only she’ll be writing on prompts given to her by me. In other words, you can bet your ass that I’m getting something good out of this!

What could possibly come from two best friends supplying the topics for weekly blog posts? I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see.

So if you want to see the shenanigans that I cause for Hannah (because we all know how much I love shenanigans), check out her blog over HERE. (You can also see all of the other cool things she’s written about…I guess…)

And with that, I’ll leave you to enjoy the short time left in your first day of the best month of the year.

Until next week,


Whiskey gingers: My beloved

The only thing that makes the feeling of getting off of a week-long duty stint full of students who should know better but just can’t help themselves feel more like euphoria is the stiff drink I get to have when I go home after passing off the duty phone.

Tonight’s poison: A tall, dark, and handsome whiskey ginger.

In the words of Hannah, this is the drink that makes my world go ’round.

Sure, sure, I talk about the beauty of a good IPA with good friends, and at some point in the past five years I’ve gotten over my (well-deserved) fear of tequila, and, though it’s been years and years since I’ve had one, there’s still a special place in my heart for vodka/crans.

But the drink that I continue to put on a whiskypedestal time and time again starts with a strong pour of Jameson followed by a splash of Canada Dry (because anything else is inferior, and you all know it (even though I’m upset with Canada Dry right now for their support of the Salvation Army (but that’s another issue for another blog post))).

And maybe had I not gone to Ireland and drank the elixir straight from the fountainhead, I wouldn’t have the appreciation and love for Irish whiskey that I do right now.

And maybe I’d always feel like my life was missing something.

But I guess we’ll never know.

So tonight, I’m working on my second whiskey ginger and loving the way the world feels as it turns.

Until tomorrow,

slánte! xx

It’s Sunday and I don’t feel ready for the week

How did it become Sunday night so quickly?

Like most weekends, I feel like I blinked and suddenly my entire weekend was over. But this weekend feels especially daunting knowing the amount of things that are coming my way in the next few days.

I should be excited, right? This week is two and a half days long for me, I don’t have to be on duty anymore, and I get to fly back to Minnesota for a much-needed vacation!

Instead, all I can think about is the ridiculous amout of things that I need to accomplish between right now and the moment I leave campus for the airport on Wednesday.

And I wish I could say that all of the things I needed to accomplish were the fun parts of my job. Instead, they’re things like making sure that all of my students left for break and that they know how to follow directions (spoiler: They don’t). And the other parts of my week are the not-fun parts about travelling, like packing (really, this is just because I put it off until the last possible moment. (Ah, yes, procrastination: My old friend)).

Anyway, the point is that while I’m excited for the good things that will come at the end of my week, I am in no way prepared for the first few days ahead of me. Because honestly, I just don’t wanna do them.

So if you see me hitting my head against my desk prior to my departure to Minnesota, do me a favor and put a pillow down for me in between smacks.

Until tomorrow,

cheers. xx

The art of maintaining an untidy apartment

I frequently find myself asking Elliott why our apartment is so messy considering that I rather enjoy having things neat and tidy in my life.

He usually just gives me a judgmental look then goes back to licking himself (unrelated: I’m always so amazed by the flexibility of cats).

But then I look around and decide that it’s more exciting to watch another episode of Grey’s than it is to get up and put all of the clothes on my floor back into the closet where they belong.

You know, this would all be solved if I would just put things away after I’ve used them (duh), but honestly, what’s the fun in that?

Because if I just put everything away, then I wouldn’t be able to hone my skills of dish stacking or shoe pile navigating! And who would I be if I didn’t have any of those skills?!

A very boring person. That’s who.

But I digress; I do sometimes wish that I could go back to a time when I had roommates and usually made sure to keep things cleaner so they wouldn’t want to throw me out on the street. Maybe that’s the key: Live with someone who makes you want to keep your space clean on the regular.

Apparently that person for me isn’t Elliott the cat.

I guess that just means that I’ll have to find a roommate who doesn’t spend his entire day sleeping or licking his butt and can run the vacuum every once in a while.

Until tomorrow,

cheers. xx