Not Just Another Thursday

Well, I’m back again.

I just got back about two hours ago from a wonderful supper with some of my close friends from Moorhead to celebrate my birthday. I had sent out an invitation to TONS of people, thirteen saying that they would for sure be there. I can’t deny that I was disappointed with the lack of people that showed up at first, but it took almost no time before I realized that I need to make my night worth it. The people who showed up to Space Aliens to enjoy food and company are the ones that tried their hardest to be there and I love them for that.

Now, before you go saying that I’m selfish and bitter against the people who didn’t show up, that’s not the case. What made it frustrating is having people tell me to my face that they were going to be there then didn’t even text to say that they couldn’t go anymore. I dunno, but something tells me that you would be frustrated if that happened to you, too. It sucks to make a reservation for 25 people have have nine show up.

I had the most amazing time with the wonderful young women that did come out to the supper. It takes true kids at heart to walk into Space Aliens without a child holding onto your hand. We played games, won tickets, and got prizes that I know will be played with for five minutes then thrown out, but that’s not the point. The point is, I had a great time and I doubt that I’ll ever forget.

Besides my supper, here are some highlights for the day: AmLit2 was only twenty minutes today. Although this is a fabulous and rare occurrence, I hope that Professor Fasick feels better over the weekend. Another highlight: I’m currently watching “How to Train Your Dragon”. I fricken LOVE this film!! I want to name my son Hiccup!! Okay. Maybe not. But that would be fricken sweet. lol!!

I feel like I need another, more serious topic to talk about tonight in this. I feel like I’m rambling and not making any sense. How am I going to keep readers if I’m not making any sense?! No. Idea.


I think I’ll just finish up tonight with saying that I’m so blessed to have such amazing friends and a great family. I’ve been having a rough patch for the last…oh…I’d say week, but it feels much longer. It’s no secret who I consider to be my best friend, and I can just about guarantee that I wouldn’t currently be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel if it hadn’t been for Eric continuously telling me that I’m not being ridiculous and that I’ll be fine. He’s always willing to listen to the things I have to say and I know that he’ll be there no matter what. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to have that kind of trust with someone.

Eric: if you’re reading…you’re amazing. I could never ask for a better friend than you. And quite honestly….iwsilyfttoml. Lemme know what you think, friend.

How do you make it through your rough patches in life?
Do you have a friend that you know will never leave your side?


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