Homeward bound.

Well here we are. A week later and I’m finally posting.

For those of you who have been concerned about how the Westphal Christmas went: It went pretty well. I mean…there were times when I wanted to punch certain family members in the teeth, but the feeling passed and all was well. No one lost any teeth.

I just made a realization. It actually breaks my heart that I’ve made it…but here it goes. I realized that even though my grandpa passed away over the summer and this was the first Christmas without him……..Christmas didn’t feel any different to me. I think the thought “it’s weird that Grampa isn’t here” only crossed my mind once during the entire day. And even then, it was merely a though. Nothing more. I think it would have been different if our gathering had been at Gramma’s house…but it wasn’t. It was in Wahpeton, North Dakota….a whole 199 miles away from my grandparents’ house. I regret the fact that, as a family, we didn’t acknowledge that he wasn’t there and that we didn’t say a prayer for him. Grampa: if you’re reading this from Heaven….I love you. I miss you. I hope the fishing is phenomenal up there. xx

So hey, guys. :]

I’m heading for home in T-minus five hours and 32 minutes from the time that I write this sentence. I think I’m excited. It should be a good time at home.

I’m actually most excited to see my friends. I mean, yeah, I miss my family, but there’s just nothing like a hug from Emma or Eric. Just saying. lol.

Hmm…I thought I would have more to say on the whole “I’m going home today” subject. Apparently not. haha.

Uhm….I can comment on how boring the drive from Moorhead to Rockville is. It’s hella boring. So it’s a good thing that I’ve got some hecka good tunage to listen to on the way down. Like this one: Bed Intruder Song. If you haven’t seen this video, that’s depressing, your life cannot ever be considered complete. If you have seen this video, SO WORTH WATCHING AGAIN. Hokay. Quick story: So, I’ve been on duty since nine a.m. on Monday, and as of yesterday morning, Kayla has been on duty with me. Hokay, so, she and I sing this song ALL THE TIME. No joke. Like…I’m pretty sure that the lyrics to this song came out of our mouths at least ten times last night. That, and comparisons between sex and ice cream. Just sayin’.

So yeah. Haha. I think that’s pretty much it for right now. I haven’t got much else to say.

No but really, guys…watch the Bed Intruder video. So good.

We’re celebrating the Heying Christmas tomorrow. I’ll post on that one later. Let’s just say, I can SMELL the drama that will probably come from that gathering.

But until then, Happy Holidays!!!

How are you celebrating your holidays this year?
Did you watch the Bed Intruder song? You need to.


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