Hmm. Okay. So. I’m kind of in a bad mood right now. This is no good.

Classes start tomorrow.

All of my music for Night Fire needs to be memorized by Tuesday and I really have no way of doing so without a marimba.

I feel like a certain someone is angry with me. Or taking advantage of me. Or something. I hope you’re reading.

But anyway. That was my rant.

I’m currently working the desk. And I had a really good idea of something to write about…but I can’t remember what it is right now. So this post will be really, really short. haha.

I haven’t started reading Potter yet. I really need to get on that. My Nook, on the other hand, is getting a lot of attention. I’m currently reading Rolling Stone magazine on it. So. Good. I’ve fallen in love with that mag.

I think I’m going to take a nap in a bit.

If you read this, I’m sorry that it’s really awful today. I’ll come back with something better in a couple days. I promise. I just need to…clear my head. Or something. Blah. Whatevs. haha.

I hope that you all are having a good day!

When do your classes start?
What are you goals for the week?


2 thoughts on “BlahBlahBlah

  1. Sorry to hear you aren’t have a great day, dear! I promise Sam and I will help make it better tonight. Or just me if she can’t come…haven’t heard yet. All the same, I’ll try to help so you don’t go to bed upset. Bring the first Potter book with tonight. We can read passages in British accents. Or maybe that’s just my own personal excitement? I got to page two last night…then felt like I accomplished a lot and went to bed.

    My goals for the week are to jump into classes with excitement and get a lot of reading and writing done. I have a couple of writing contests online that are due soon, so I need to get cracking. Harry Potter needs to get finished very soon so I can write up a review. And then there’s Dickens…let’s not get started.

    Have a great day! See you tonight! 🙂

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