So…it’s been awhile. To those of you who read what I have to say, I’m sorry about that….disappearing and all.

February has been kind of a crazy and hectic month. It’s had it’s extremely low spots and it’s fabulously high spots. But honestly, what can you expect as a full-time student who happens to be a resident assistant that runs a pep band and plays in a drumline? Nothing less than a crazy life, that’s for sure.

I’ve made a few revelations this month. I’ve found some of my closest friends in the last 30 days or so. One of them being my openrelationshipexgirlfriend. Emma, you’re amazing. I hope you read this. I hope you believe me.

I’ve also made some revelations of friends that I still consider to be “close” friends, but my relationship has changed with them and I’m too scared to see if I can fix them. If you read this, I’m sure you guys will know who you are considering that we haven’t talked for awhile. I’m comfortable with where I am right now…but I’m going to break out of that comfort soon…I can feel it.

I’ve also discovered that a lot of the reason that I was such a spazz in high school was because of drumline. I know I’m still crazy. I know I’m still obnoxious. I know that I still have a slight temper. But other than that, I kind of mellowed out for a bit between graduation and joining Night Fire drumline. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE playing. There is no better release for me than to just…play. BUT….I’m crazy. My awful temper has come back. My tendinitis has flared ten-fold. And I find myself being more frustrated than happy a lot of my time. It sucks. I hate how I am. I hate what drumline has become. I wish I could have lived to see drumline like it was when it started: no floor. No theatrics. No costumes. Just…get your ass on the floor and show the judges how well you can bring it. But I guess I’m stuck in a time where just being able to play well means nothing to anyone anymore. I suppose I’ll live.

UK Skins season five started a couple weeks ago. I’m ecstatic about that. Giddy, really. I really do like this generation. It’s good. I’m currently watching it on the interwebz as I write this post. Me gusta. 😀

Uhm…Hmm….Oh yeah…I should mention that I’m kind of a mess right now. I’ve been sick for about a week now with some lame stomach ailment plus some awful sinus stuff. No fun. But with being sick, it has led me to not care about the state of my room. So it’s a huge mess. Here’s the thing about my brain: If the space I’m in is a mess, my thoughts are a mess. So I’ve been spastic for a couple days because I’m sick and my room is a mess. It’s a lose/lose situation right now. I’ve definitely got to clean after I’m done watching Skins. haha.

Speaking of Skins, I’ve started using Tumblr. Now, don’t go getting your undies in a bundle. I haven’t forgotten about my wordpress blog. Far from it. Obviously. BUT I kind of like to do thirty day challenges and stuff, but I don’t like to do them on FB, and it’s just easier to do it on Tumblr. And the reason that I said “speaking of Skins” is because I reblog a TON of Skins photos and gifs. I actually really like it. haha. If you have interest in seeing the things that I reblog and post over there, you can find it at asagingertellsit.tumblr.com. Enjoy. Or don’t. Doesn’t bother me none. lol.

So..yeah…Sorry if this post didn’t make much sense. I’m kind of rambling. BUT I figured that the people who would actually like to know what’s going on in my life deserve a post after I’ve been kind of MIA on this blog for close to a month.

I won’t stay away for so long next time. I’ve got a Harry Potter review to do soon….And, just like last month, I have yet to start the second book. Looks like I’ll be reading that one in a day, too. haha! I look forward to the challenge!!!


Until then, however…Cheers


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