Punching Babies

AHA!!!! I got your attention!! You’re here! You’re reading this!! All because you thought that I was some awful person who likes to punch babies.

Disclaimer: I do not like to punch babies. I think that it would be an awful thing for anyone to punch a baby. I do not condone violence nor do I think that anyone, under any circumstance, should hit a child. The above title was simply an expression of anger. Please do not think any less of me.

Alright. Well. Now you know. I’m frustrated. But let’s break down that frustration. Why am I so frustrated?  So many things.

1.) I’m stressed. “Well Melynda, we all get stressed. That doesn’t mean that you have to joke about punching babies.” You’re right. I don’t. But I did. So we’ll keep moving. FOUR, that’s right, FOUR weeks until classes end and I move back home. That just doesn’t seem like enough time to get everything done!! I have three books to read, four papers to write, and two exams left. It actually isn’t that much…but it feels like a lot. I think it’s really just the amount of reading that I have to do before now and then.

2.) I’m sad. Nothin’ like losin’ three staff members in three weeks, right? Hmph. There are other things that I would say about this…but we don’t have that kind of time nor do I want to be interrogated by anyone who might be reading this and might be in disagreement. If you want to know how I feel further, please come talk to me. I’m more than happy to vent it out with you.

3.) I’m burnt out. With the combination of classes, drumline, and my job, I’m feelin’ a bit broken lately. It’s something that I really dislike. I’m not sure that I know anyone who actually likes the feeling of being burnt out. It sucks and it makes your view on life super shitty. No good.

4.) The tiniest things are setting me off. I have my own, mini anger attack to myself at these where I feel like *cough* punching babies. Like last night. My sister asked me to review her research paper for her high school English class. Yes. As an English major and someone who wants to go into editing and publishing after graduation, I was happy to do it for her. However, and no offense, Aby, I wanted to kick her in the teeth. It’s called spell check. She probably should have read the whole thing one more time before sending it to me. Because the fact that I did so much correcting to it made me angry. That and I couldn’t get Microsoft Word to stay typing in the color red. So yes. Some of it was MS Word, but mostly the lack of self-proofing first.

5.) My computer is being a piece of shit like usual. I cannot watch a youtube video and scroll somewhere else without it freezing my computer. I dunno if any of you have ever experienced this, but it super sucks. I restart my computer at least three times a day because of it. I hate it. So. Much. I want to buy a desktop. A Mac desktop. Because I hate their laptops. But I can say that I like the Mac desktops. So…yeah.

6.) I just found out that I can’t move into my room in the fall until August 15th because the Dahl remodel won’t be done yet. For those of you who don’t know: That’s two days before the baby dragons move onto campus. Which means that I’ll have less than 48 hours to move myself into my room and to decorate my floor and do bulletin boards and door decs and everything. This is four months away and I can already sense some panic in myself. Note: I hate panic attacks. Again, I don’t know anyone who does like them. I’m just saying.

Now, I know that I’ve just listed six things that I’m really unhappy about in my life. They range from my job to classes to life in general. So to make it up to you (if you’re still reading anyway), I’m going to write about some things that I’m either excited about or happy with in my life.

1.) I’m going to go to Teaberry with Beth Hill tomorrow. She and I have recently become friends and I love it so much. It should be a good time.

2.) My sister and parents are going to be coming here for Easter weekend since I’m on duty. It will be nice to have them here rather than going home. Well…I don’t go home very often…so it’s not that big of a deal. But still. It’ll be nice.

3.) I got a donation to my flip cam fund!! So good. I’ll be vlogging in no time!! I’m thinking about doing an S&G segment with Emma and Eric. If they’ll let me record them anyway. It should be good.

4.) It’s warm!!! I’m allergic to the sun, so it’s not as great as I would rather hope, but it’s still warm. Unfortunately, there is snow forecasted for tomorrow. It’s April. This shouldn’t be happening. But it’s okay. I guess. Warmth is still just around the corner!

5.) A new season of Doctor Who premiers on April 23rd!!!! I’m so excited!!!! Doctor Who has pretty much become my life. Check out my blog post labeled “I’m the Doctor. Basically…Run.” for further detail if you wish. haha.

6.) I’m going to see Tartuffe tonight. I love plays. They make me feel better. So I’m hoping that this final “good” thing about my life reverses all of the “bad”.

So there you have it. The bad and the good to try and reverse it. I’m almost sorry for making you read all the way to here. That wasn’t really that fair, now was it? Meh. You still love me. I can feel it. :]]

So I’ll leave you here and allow you to continue your day in peace.

Except for this last thing: My drumline is having its final performance this Saturday at West Fargo High School. There are going to be tons of other performances other than us, but if you only want to see me in my final performance of the season, we’ll be going on at 4:30 p.m. Let me know if you want any more information about that!

Okay. I really do have to go now. My index and middle fingers on my right hand are twitching violently and making it hard to type. I didn’t eat a banana today. My bad. 

Until next time,



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