Sorry For the Hiatus…Again.

Well here we are again. It’s been a month and I’m finally back. (As if this post didn’t give that away.)

I’m going to stop promising to not stay away for so long because I obviously can’t keep that promise and I absolutely hate breaking promises…it results in a grumpy monster growing inside of me fighting to get out. This monster is also known as guilt. I move past it. But I do feel extremely bad about it. So please take this as a sincere apology and stay as a loyal reader to me regardless of whether I post frequently or not.

As you can see if you move over to my 101/1001 page, I’ve highlighted a few things as being completed. I feel excited about this (as I should) and am happy to say that I think I can actually accomplish this entire list by the end of the 1001 days. This list really is important to me because sometimes I set out to do something, then I don’t succeed because I decide that it isn’t worth my time or some bullshit like that. This one, however, has a monetary incentive for me: If I complete all of it, I should have $1000 stashed away for travel (see item #7). However, if I fail, I will be donating some of that money to charity (see item #41). Don’t get me wrong, it would make me feel awesome to be able to donate to a charity (I’ve chosen Invisible Children), and I might end up donating to them in the end of this anyway, but I would LOVE to have that $1000 saved up for a trip to Europe. We’ll see how that goes anyway. haha.

As well all know from previous posts, I was behind on my Harry Potter Reading Challenge. I can tell you with complete confidence that I am back on track and WILL finish on time. I’ve been reading my ass off (gosh I wish that was literally possible…I’d be SOOOO skinny!) and I’ve caught up. Three days left of June, 300 pages left of Half Blood Prince. I can do it. I’m completely confident. The reviews for those books will hopefully be coming soon so that I can follow suit with the first book. I think I could get them up before the film comes out, but as I said earlier, I’m not going to make any promises. And I couldn’t be more excited for the film to come out!!!!!!! I was the first person to get tickets for the midnight showing at my local theatre. You have no idea how crazy I was after that. I was screaming with excitement so loudly that my sister had to stop her film and wait for me to finish.

I’m in the process of buying an outfit for this film. I’m going to be buying a Ravenclaw sweater and tie to wear along with a brand new wand. I’m going to be as much like Luna Lovegood that night as I can…except as a ginger. “Brilliant” I say!! I don’t even care that it’s going to cost me somewhere around $80. So. Worth. It. I’ve stuck with Harry until the very end and I’m going to do it up right at the premier.

I guess I don’t have much to say at the moment so I’ll leave you here. If you’re bored, you can go watch my vlog which I update every M/W/F with my friend Mollypants. You can find us at We do what we can, mates.

Until we meet again,



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