Welcome Home Dragon Nation

I’m not ashamed to say that I missed two weeks of blogging. I’ve been quite busy with things going on around here that demand my attention. My blogging and vlogging have both taken a hit.

It’s safe for me to assume that both of my vlogs are now dead and to be perfectly honest, I’m really okay with that. I’m no offended that they’ve fallen apart nor am I offended that neither of them were really all that successful anyway.

But now that we’ve got that out of the way…IT’S HOMECOMING 2011!!!!! I’m pretty sure that homecoming is one of my favorite times of the year. I mean, I know that it’s designed for the alumni, but honestly, I think that that has been lost somewhere in the translation over the years because the events that go on are very much geared toward the current students of our campus. Now, I’m not complaining about this as I am a current student on campus, I’m just merely stating it. I guess.

This year, the theme is “Welcome Home Dragon Nation”, and in the original thought that homecoming is about the alumni, this theme definitely screams “homecoming”. I think that our campus, from my experience, has an awesome sense of community; we always seem to come together in the times that it’s needed most. I like to think of MSUM as as small university with a big university heart. We may not have the best sporting teams but we have spirit (I mean, not everyone can say that they get to hear a “cougar call” or “baby dragon call” at their volleyball games) and we may not have a ton of money but that has never stopped us from having award-winning professors and programs. These are just a few of things that I think make a university one to call “home”.

I’m extremely excited about the events for this week; they seem to be thought out a little bit better than in previous years. We’re packed full of things to do all week long which means that there will be few times where I’m bored. (Not that I’m ever bored lately…my residents are awesome.) I’m mostly excited to see the Johnny Holm Band on Thursday and for the football and volleyball game on Saturday. I mean…even our football team has a chance to win the game (Sorry, Jackie, but Crookston is going DOWN!!!!) (Did you see what I did there? Yeah…that’s right. Trash talk.) Basically…I’m just excited for this week. I’ll be sad when it’s over to know that I’ll only have one Dragon Homecoming left…but it just means that I need to have the time of my life this week.

On an unrelated note: I’ve become obsessed with Disney Dubstep. That’s right…you heard me….Disney Dubstep. It’s becoming the best part of my life. I have a lot of things that are obtaining that title. Like my residents.

Dear ladies of 1st South Dahl (plus Andrew, Mikey, Seth and a few others from North): You all light up my life. When I’m with you, I have the time of my life getting to know you all better and having crazy conversations about the strangest things. When I’m somewhere other than on our floor, I think about what our next activity is. Your personalities are all unique and totally awesome. And besides that, you’re all super mega foxy awesome hot. And…yepp. Love you.




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