Thoughts from places: A car somewhere between Moorhead and St. Cloud

For those of you who might ask: Yes. I did take this title from John Green’s blogs by the same name. It’s fitting, though. Because I really am in a moving vehicle right now somewhere between Moorhead an St. Cloud.

Today marks a day that I thought actually happened three years ago. And then again last year. Today is the last MPA finals that I’ll ever perform in.

And I’ll be honest. I’m not all that broken up about it this time around. Three years ago, I was bawling as a senior in high school. Drumline was huge for me for those four years. I didn’t think that I’d ever march again. But then last year I joined Night Fire and again, at finals, I was sad because I didn’t think that I was going to come back for another year.

Well here I am. Another season under my belt. And I am more than happy to be done.

Sure. Drumline has been one of those oddly constant things in my life, but there comes a time when you just gotta leave it in the past.

I graduate in eight months. I’m moving to NYC in a little over a year. I’m ready to move on and see how far I can make it in life before I can’t go anymore.

So drumline might be one of those tiny things that doesn’t seem like something to fret about, but to me, right at this very moment, is a leap and a bound into the future.

In other news: I’m hopefully signing the lease on a house this week. Yay for growing up!..? Yes. I think yes.

In other, other news: my drumline did the Cupid Shuffle and the Bernie in the parking lot while we waited for our instructors to show up. That was frickin cool.

Also: I just realized that I rarely stay completely serious in my blog posts. Does anyone else notice this? Like I just talked about moving on in life then switched to talk about growing up and then switched again to crazy dance parties in the parking lot.

Eh. Over it. Just decided.

You just can’t take life too seriously. Yay for excitement and spontaneity!

I hope you’re all having a lovely Saturday!




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