I think I need to take a sick day.

I’ve been feeling under the weather lately.

And I don’t just mean that my frequent attempts to hack out a lung in the past few days are what equates solely to why I feel under the weather. I mean that I’m feeling a tad bit overwhelmed by my oncoming graduation (47 days, but who’s counting?) and all of the coursework that I have  to finish before I can put on my gown and mortarboard. I’m completely scared out of my mind about what I’m going to do after I graduate. I’m feeling rundown by the amount of time that I put in at the diner. I’m tired of accidents, crabby customers, lack of sleep, and being overly grumpy.

I think it’s time for me to take an entire day off.

The terribly unfortunate thing about this, however, is that there just isn’t any time. Shoot, I didn’t even get to gain an extra hour of sleep last night because I was at the diner. Yeah. That’s right. Instead of an extra hour of sleep, I got an extra hour of work. Lame.

But if I had an entire day to just…be, I know exactly what I would do.

I would lay in bed all day. I’d wrap myself up in an over-sized sweater, wrap a scarf around my neck, and snuggle up with my Harry Potter blanket. I would read a book that I haven’t had any time to read. I would watch films, drink tea, and eat soup. It would be the most glorious day in all of forever.

But now that I’ve got my “sick day” planned out, I’m left wondering if planning such a day is worth it when I know that I can’t make such a day happen until well into December. While I’m a firm believer in having dreams to live for, I wonder if petty dreams such as for a lazy day should just simply be forgotten.

Perhaps I should instead continue to push forward in the limited time I have to obtain other more important goals and chalk my lack of sleep up to a loss.

Or not.

Between you and me, I’m going to continue hoping, waiting, and dreaming for that glorious day of doing nothing.

I’m going to cut this one short today. Do you ever just have those days where you feel like you’re just trying to stretch something that can’t be stretched anymore? That’ s it’s going with writing today. It probably has something to do with something that I may or may not have written above. Maybe you missed it. I’ll try again for something exciting again tomorrow.

So until tomorrow,



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