Yes. I’m perfectly aware that this post will be up approximately an hour or so late to actually make it for the seventh day of November. But I’m completely okay with this because I’ll make it up to my loyal readers by posting yet again today (the 8th) so that I’ll still have enough posts to last the full thirty days of November. Okay. Are we all alright? Everyone have their undies pulled from their butts? Good.

I’ll start off by saying that I am extremely excited about President Obama being re-elected last night AND about how all four states that amendments about gay marriage on their ballots came out of the polls all in favour of gay rights AND the voting amendment didn’t pass in Minnesota either. ALSO I’m excited about the amount of openly gay/bisexual/pansexual/lesbian people who have been elected for office this year. It’s like we’re creating our own little Europe in the United States. We’re taking steps forward, even if that just means that they’re baby steps. Rock it, US, rock it.

Okay. So I’ve been spending a lot of my day trying to decide what I could write about. I thought that perhaps I would give an “I Voted” part two/reaction today, but as you just read, I put all of it into one paragraph. So we’re good there. Then I thought that maybe I could write about something random. But then I realized that I do that all the time. So that’s just…whatever. So now, I’ve decided that I’m going to write about why this post is late. I even thought about this when I realized that I was late. So at least the thought for this was on time, right?

The original title for this post was going to be “Thoughts from Places: Dempsey’s Public House” and I was actually contemplating writing this post on my phone while sitting in Dempsey’s and enjoying a beer. However, I knew I was entirely too distracted by the conversation that I was having with my two friends to even type out anything coherent anyway.

So now we’re here, late, and I just have one feeling to go off of: Do you ever just have those glorious nights where you plan to only be out for two hours or so and you end up coming home four or five hours later? And the only explanation for the night is that you were having a wonderful conversation with someone and were just having an overall good night?

It’s been a while since I’ve just had a good night. I generally find something that just ends up bringing me down and I wallow in the feeling until I finally end up falling asleep. But here I am with an overall feeling of awesome and I know that I’m going to fall asleep happy. It’s a great feeling.

See, I just went out with some friends that I made while touring Ireland this past summer and we just talked about anything and everything. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that I have friends that I can trust enough to just talk to about whatever. Fears, excitement, wonder, etc. I love it.

I guess I don’t have as much to say about this as I thought I did except for the fact that I just feel happy. I try to live by the notion of “just be” but always run into problems. Tonight, I feel like I’m just being. It’s a good feeling, friends.

I’ve decided that there is nothing better than sitting in a pub with a friend whilst eating cheese bread and talking about weird professors. I am so thankful for my weird friends.

Now a question for you (See, we’re turning into an interactive blog over here at As Told By Melynda): What has your beautiful night in recent times consisted of? Friends? Place? Event? Let me know. I love to hear about glorious nights of awe.

So until tomorrow…erm…later today,



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