Senioritis or bad professors?

Fun fact number one: I’m currently sitting in class. Writing a blog post. Wow I’m awesome.

But really, can you blame me on this one? I’m not learning anything because the professor drones on about one thing and another while successfully talking himself in circles. I’m not exaggerating when I admit that I haven’t been able to pay attention to him for more than about 45 seconds at a time during this entire semester.

So this leads me to wonder, considering that I’ve decided that writing a blog post is a good use of my time, is this senioritis? Or is it the professor that is pushing me to do this. Am I a rebellion?

I realize that I talked about procrastination a couple days ago and how I needed to get back on top of my studies, but I didn’t touch on professors. Can students always be to blame for their lack of commitment to a class and the work that it involves?

I’m not quite sure that there is an answer to this. Students are going to say that the professor should make their lectures more interesting so that they’re more willing to do their work. Meanwhile, professors are going to say that they’re simply doing their jobs; their job is to relay the information to the student.

I’m convinced that we’re all just burnt out. Perhaps it’s time for all of the students and professors to knock back a drink or two and call it good.

Perfect world, anyone? No? Alright. Moving on.

Fun fact number two: My friend drew me a picture of an elephant with an Afro wielding a knife.

I bet you weren’t expecting that for a fun fact.

Anyway. Professors v. Senioritis. For me, it’s probably both. There is no correct answer for this one.

Have you got any thoughts on this? I’d like to know.

I’ll apologize now for this weird tapered-off, awkward ending. I’m still distracted by outside sources. For example, my professor just told us that he never smoked a cigarette in his life, but he has smoked “the funny stuff” a time and again.

I’ll leave you with that.

So until tomorrow,



One thought on “Senioritis or bad professors?

  1. Normally I would say that it is probably just senioritis, but I have personally experienced a couple circumstances that lead me to believe that a professor can legitimately be responsible for this behavior. It has nothing to do with being “boring.” On the contrary, the professor can be so lively that they end up talking about nothing of significance. I want to learn about the subject – be it science, math, literature, art – not the professor’s personal life. If the story pertains to the subject matter (like the instructor’s experience with a death if the class is on death and grief) then I am fully comfortable listening to it and able to focus on it, however when the stories are only loosely related and spiral off into completely unrelated topics, then I have an issue.

    So (lol) I guess the short answer in this situation is…both. 🙂

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