Yeah…about that.

I’ve been waiting for this moment. Although honestly, I thought that it was going to happen much sooner than this.

Yes, my friends. I’ve officially hit a roadblock in this blog. Day ten ends my streak of feeling like I had something relevant to talk about. I suppose that I’ll come across a second wind soon; the lack of sleep I’ve been having is probably mostly to blame for my lack of creativity.

So. In order to have a post that is longer than 100 words, I’ve decided to go in search of a writing prompt.

“List ten things that you normally do on a rainy day.”

Well. That’s…enough to help me out. Especially since it rained all day long. It’s helped me so much that I’m deviating from the prompt immediately while still keeping the main theme of rain in it.

Rain is one of the very few things that just completely calms me. I can sit and watch it hit the pavement and bounce into oblivion all day long. But today, I had to mix the one thing that I love the most with the one thing that claims most of my time. It rained all day, and I spent just as much time working at the diner.

So instead of calming me down at all, it just made me feel jittery and restless because I couldn’t enjoy it. I couldn’t take the time that rain demands from me to sit with a cup of tea and a book that I haven’t been able to read quite yet. Instead, I was lucky enough to have a 7-5 shift at the diner where I got to deal with crabby customers, burned skin, and frozen fingers. Quite the opposite from what I am generally used to with rain.

Perhaps it will rain again soon before the snow comes. On a day that’s reserved for just me and a book and the diner can stay in its neon stupor far, far away from me.

On a different note, if you’ve been following this blog and maybe a little confused about where my post for day nine is, it was posted. I just didn’t promote it because I forgot since I was in a time crunch. But you can still go back a day and read it.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be in a better mood for writing with an idea for a post that makes up for this one.

But I guess you’ll just have to come back again tomorrow to find out. :]

So until tomorrow,



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