The springtime of death

Autumn is my favourite time of the entire year.

The time when the leaves turn to blood and fall to the ground, and when the skies start to darken with an ever-lasting cover of clouds.

I’m told often enough that I’m a bit strange because the gloom that Mother Nature gives us is one of the few things that calms my nerves in one swift motion. But the beautiful thing about autumn and the beginnings of winter is that it’s gloomy close to all the time so I get to feel a little less tense for a whole season.

While most people fawn over the colours that pop up around us in March and April, I prefer the warm colours in the fall; there is such beauty in the death that the cold weather carries with it on its coattails.

And I can see it now on your faces. You’re probably grimacing at the idea of comparing beauty with death; it’s against everything we’ve ever been taught. Death has always been considered an ugly and sad thing to experience. But to me, while sadness is most-often inevitable with death, I still find it to be a reason for celebration, and I don’t mean in the sadistic kind of way.

I love looking at autumn as the first sign that the year is coming to a close. It means that in just a few short weeks, we’ll get to watch the snow start to fall and make everything look perfect again before the snow plows come by and turn it to a dirty shade of grey. Autumn signifies that soon the ball will drop and we can put an entire year behind us; we have the chance to start over again and create something beautiful in the next three-hundred-some days.

And for me, this autumn means that I get to start making decisions about my future as the death around us is a new beginning when I get to cross that stage in thirty-five days.

The springtime of death that we’re experiencing right now is something that I wouldn’t want to trade for the world. So we’ve had fewer colours this year and much more snow; that doesn’t mean that we can’t embrace the change that we all so desperately need. Change is coming, and it is oh so beautiful.

We’ve reached the half-way point of this blogging challenge. Here’s to the change that I’ve already felt within me because of it, and to the next fifteen days.

So until tomorrow,



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