Holy cow.

So. I took a nap. Or watched cartoons. Either way, my time was eaten and I’m not really sure where it went. And because I lost track of time, I now have to leave for work in twenty minutes. And guess who hasn’t written a blog post for today.

Kurt Hummel.

Okay. Kidding. It’s actually me. Which mean that this post is just going to be rambles about random stuff and then I’ll cut it off without properly bringing my thoughts to a close and then I’ll say “cheers” and I’ll come back and do this again tomorrow. But only better. Hopefully.

So today, I did laundry, went to the Moorhead Mall, went to the thrift store, and ate Panchero’s. What did you do today?

No but really. It’s been pretty chill today. It almost made me feel better about having to work tonight from 5 p.m to 3 a.m. Yep. You read that right. So if you’re bored, come visit me at work and I’ll make you a shake or get you some kneophla or something. It’ll be grand.

I’m really cold right now. My fingers aren’t working the way that I want them to at the moment. Thankfully I’ll probably be warm at the diner. Woot for silver linings!! Now all I’ll have to do is consume enough caffeine to not fall asleep.

So here’s hoping for warmth, caffeine, and good tips tonight.

And with that, I have to jet so I can change my clothes and leave on time. Good? Yeah. Two-hundred-odd words is good for now. Don’t judge.

So until tomorrow,



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