Sometimes I wonder about my friends.

In the past five minutes, I’ve heard the rules for a drinking game that only one person is playing, the phrase “get your fist out of my ass!”, and a comparison of the people around me to the characters on the show “The League.”

I’m fairly certain that I’m in love with my friends.

Oh. Let’s add another phrase. “Do I…am I actually fucking the turkey?” Yes. I can’t make this shit up.

The friends I have now are so much much different than the people I spent my time with in high school. Now, I’m not saying that I don’t like to spend time with the people that I once was able to spend my time with, but I’m happy that my life always seems to be an adventure with these new people.

And since I’m live blogging this time while trying to be insightful, Mav just informed me that I am now his girlfriend. Hmm.

But basically, I’m thankful that I have been able to become friends with people who just let me be weird because really, the weirdness in one room could fuel the world if weirdness was a power source.

“That’s alcohol abuse!”

If you’ve read my posts before this whole NaBloPoMo adventure, you’ll know that I’ve got some pretty bad anxiety sometimes. And to be honest, I would never be friends with these people if it hadn’t been for Hannah within the past year almost forcing me to spend time with these beautiful, beautiful people.

“Are you ready to go fuck a turkey?”

“We need a picture of me, in the bathtub, fucking a turkey.”

“Stop touching me Mav! I can take my own shirt off!”

“Do I have to take my boxers off, too?”

“If my fever acts up again, I’m showering with that turkey.”

“I need more positions with the turkey.”

Are any of my readers going to A Very Ryan Thanksgiving tomorrow? Just wondering.

“I’ve already had my way with it.”

I’m being honest. I wrote all of these quotes as they happened tonight. The time I get to spend with these people is always unforgettable. There is never a dull moment for me and I am forever grateful for the little time I get to spend with them.

“These are never being posted to Facebook. These are for my own viewing pleasure.”

In this time of giving thanks, I’m thankful for the messed up world I call my life.

You should be, too.

So until tomorrow,


“I can’t wait for the day that Goose goes to jail for fucking a frozen turkey.”


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