Tryptophan is trying to kill me.

I celebrated Thanksgiving with my friends today.

We fit close to thirty people into the living room of The Ryans’ and had a traditional Thanksgiving meal including a 22-pound turkey, two giant pans of macaroni and cheese, and a full turkey pan of mashed potatoes among other delicious noms.

And while we ate and laughed and had a wonderful time, I realized that I’ve never celebrated a Thanksgiving with so many people.

My family doesn’t celebrate the holiday traditionally. I mean, when I talked to my mum yesterday, we were discussing whether or not we should have meatloaf this Thursday.

For me, Thanksgiving has always just been my parents, my sister, and me spending the day together, eating random food, and possibly going to a film at the local cinema. Then that night, my dad and I put the holiday lights on the house. And I’m oh so content with the tradition of our non-traditional Thanksgiving.

I meant for this post to be a rant about how tryptophan is terribly frustrating because I’m super sleepy after consuming turkey and all the other yummy foods….but obviously it turned into something else. But I can’t be arsed to change the title now. Haha!

Regardless, today’s celebration, while some of the most fun I’ve had in awhile, has made me realize just how much I appreciate having a such strange tradition with my small family for this holiday.

I’ve only got a few more days of this writing challenge in front of me. I’m hoping to finish strong and I think I know just the way to keep going. I suppose you’ll just have to keep reading to find out. 🙂

So until tomorrow,



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