Insert title here.

Apparently I’m getting lazy when it comes to giving titles to these posts. Or I’m just running out of ideas. Either way, yay for generic titles!!

Anyway. I’m sitting on the sofa at my parents’ house catching up on Glee and I realize “Holy cow. I haven’t done my post yet.” I think that being at home is messing with my head about blogging because I don’t have a set schedule to abide by away from Moorhead. When I’m here, I can get up when I want, go to bed when I want and don’t have to worry about anything except for which friend I’m going to spend my time with.

But as much as I love having zero boundaries when it comes to my days, I’m so happy (just like I said I would be) about going back to Moorhead so that I can have a routine again, if only for a couple weeks before I come back and do it again.

On an unrelated note, I’m happy that I decided to stay in bed instead of getting up to go Black Friday shopping. I know people make the argument often about how only in America can people go out and trample other people for things they don’t need the day after proclaiming that we’re all thankful for what we all already have, but I kind of agree. Sure, sometimes there are some awesome deals, but I love sleeping so much more.

On another unrelated note, I just screamed and was all grabby hands and kicky feet about the episode of Glee that I’m watching. This is what happens when I’m left home alone for too long. Oh wait…I guess being alone for an hour is too long for me these days. haha. Kidding. Well. Probably. Hmm…….

Anywho, I’ve got to run. I’m going to go meet my mum and dad for a final supper before I drive back to Moorhead for my final few weeks of my undergrad. Holy cow.

I hope that you’ve all had a wonderful day and that my random collection of thoughts has brightened your day if even for a little bit.

So until tomorrow,



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