The Dream Team

Though I’ve never heard it before tonight, I find this title to be fitting.

Who, you might ask, is the Dream Team? Well it’s not the USA Olympic basketball team of ’92 if that’s who you’re thinking about, silly!

I’ve been informed that one Brandon Mykel Van Den Eykel and I form the Dream Team as explained by two of our residents from last year.

But the more I think about it, the more I find that they’re right; it’s actually pretty difficult for me to come up with a reason as to why this wouldn’t be an accurate description of the two of us.

See, Brandon and I are kind of like two sides of a coin. That is, if one side of the coin was a super crazy ginger girl and the other side of the coin was an extremely attractive musician of a man. Yeah. That sounds like a pretty phenomenal coin.

But why are we the Dream Team? Let’s just say that we made the first floor of Dahl Hall the most extraordinary experience for those who inhabited it.

I honestly feel like we were just genuinely awesome at our jobs. And while I’m no longer an RA, Brandon continues on his legacy of being a spectacular mentor to all of the young adults that have taken up residency on his floor this year.

But really. Aside from our work in housing, Brandon is just an amazing friend. And I’m not sure when this post became a Brandon Mykel Van Den Eykel appreciation post, but it did. Basically, Brandon makes my life awesome. I feel like I can talk to him about anything and he gives awesome advice.

Gosh. Now I’m just sitting here thinking about how cool we are when we’re together. I feel like the two of us could start a comedy sitcom and have millions of viewers and win Emmys and stuff. Because we’re just that darn awesome. We work so well together and we make people laugh. What’s left to need in a friendship?? And let’s be real: Even if you can come up with something that friendship would still need aside from working well together and making people laugh, we already possess it.

No. Brandon doesn’t know that I’m writing this.

But Kenzie and Giddy do. It was their idea anyway.

(Don’t tell them I said this, but I think that they’re pretty awesome. They make my desk shifts more awesome every time they walk by. I love them.)

Anyway…Brandon and Melynda are the Dream Team because they’re awesome and they speak of themselves in the third person. And Kenzie and Giddy are my muse tonight. All in all, everyone is super duper cool. And I love it. I also love cookies. But that’s probably a different post for a different day.

And perhaps I just tooted Brandon’s and my horns a bit too much in this post. But can you blame me? We’re friggin’ awesome. And I have no shame in bragging about how beautiful our friendship is. I’m definitely over it. 😀

Tomorrow’s the last day of this crazy adventure, friends! Hold tight! There might be turbulence!

So until tomorrow,



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