Apparently I work better when I have a strict schedule. And by work, I mean write blog posts.

Because apparently, even when I set up a goal to blog at least once a week during the year, I’ll still fail at it. And this leads me to wonder why I was successful at thirty days straight, but as soon as I only have to write fifty-two posts over the course of fifty-two weeks, I suddenly don’t have the motivation for it.

And this is the same for other things in my life as well. When I graduated, I had this grand plan in my mind that I’d be reading all of these books (you know, one of the twenty that I got for my birthday/graduation/Christmas), or go to the gym more often. But neither of these things have happened.

What happened to the girl from this past summer who went to the gym five days a week (a full time job) or the girl who would read two books in three days (probably the internet…or a full time job).

Is it too late for a new resolution? Is it too late to decide to turn this year around again? Can I really get back into blogging and ACTUALLY go to the gym and ACTUALLY read all of those books?

I suppose if I treated work more like school, perhaps I’d get more reading done. Or if I would commit myself to getting out of bed earlier on the days that I don’t have to go to work, perhaps I could make it to the gym more often.

Because really, there is no excuse as to why I’ve put writing for this blog to the wayside. And I have yet to find a legitimate reason as to why I’m not at least a quarter of the way through the books that I received in December. And there is no one holding me back from the gym than myself.

So is it too late for a new resolution? I don’t think so. I just have to force myself to make the time to do each of those things.

I think it’s actually time for me to put more effort into myself than I have been. We’ll see where this goes I guess.

Until next time,



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