I thought of you today.

I thought of you today.

I thought of the way you’d make me smile with the weird things you’d say.

I thought of the way you’d switch the radio station in the car despite my protests.

I thought about our clashing styles, the smell of cigarette smoke and cologne, and the ridiculous face you’d make when taking a picture.

And then I realized that I had long forgotten the way your body felt next to mine.

And I’ve forgotten the sound of your laugh.

And I’ve forgotten all of the details of your face.

And that’s when I knew that I was okay again.


The thoughts in my head have recently started to pour onto paper. It’s rather strange for me considering that I’ve never really been one to get my ideas to paper. But perhaps if I commit myself to putting some of the things from my head to paper then transfer some of those down to this blog again, I can improve myself as a writer and maybe get a few things sorted out.

So that’s where this post came from. I was driving home from work and out of nowhere the thoughts came flowing. They made it successfully to paper, and have now been transferred to this blog.

I hope you enjoy peering into my mind periodically, you’re all great. :]

Until next time,



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