Home, Sweet Home

WordPress is telling me that I’ve been away for much too long.

To be honest, I’ve been telling myself that I’ve been away for much too long as well.

But I’ve been away because I haven’t had any inspiration to write. It’s been kind of a stressful couple months, but here I am again.

In the past few months, I’ve passed the 200,000 mile mark on  my car, gotten into an argument with someone about my housing situation, explored Seattle and the Mountain View, California area, stopped talking to one of my best friends, moved all of my stuff out of my house and couch surfed for two weeks, watched my kid sister graduate from high school, moved into my apartment, saw Marianas Trench AND Fall Out Boy in the course of one week, and did a whole plethora of other things.


It seems like so much more when I put it into writing.

THIS is the reason why I can’t stay away for this long! I need to find inspiration somewhere, and I need to find it fast.

Maybe the blank walls of my new apartment that stare at me day in and day out will push me to write more.

Or maybe I’ll have to wait for my new tapestry to come in before any good writing will come.

I’m quite thankful for this apartment because even if the walls are blank, at least I have walls, right?

If my memory serves me right, my last post ended with an announcement that I couldn’t quite share with anyone else yet. Many people have found out what that announcement was, but others still don’t know (maybe that was my bad.)

But here it is: I’m officially a Graduate Area Director for Housing and Res Life at MSUM for the year!

It’s a big responsibility, but I’m so excited for this new adventure. New people, new office, new excitement in my life.

And this is why I got this great space to finally have as my own! Woot, woot!

I’m determined to pick writing back up, and I’m hoping that this new place will be the perfect area to accomplish it.

I’m bound to turn this apartment into my home, sweet home.

I hope you’re all doing well and beating this disgustingly humid summer heat! I swear, my hair has never been frizzier…

Here’s looking for a break in the heat!

Until next time,



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