If you want to keep the peace.

I learned a long time ago that if you want to keep your friends, don’t talk about religion or politics.

Don’t talk about things that have religious or political themes such as books, movies, and music.

But there are politics and religions of a different breed. Those who partake in them never wear suits and ties and rarely do they control the cussing that oozes from their lips.

Whether we want to believe it or not, there are politics in the places we work — mine, for instance, a diner.

Now, I’m sure that there are people who I work with who will read this and will go running to our boss to let him know that I’m writing about the diner and it will just add to the list of things he doesn’t like about me.

I’m pretty okay with that.

Because the thing is, while I love the people I work with — the ones who really give a damn about the people that they call their coworkers, anyway — I can’t help but notice the crap that goes on around me.

I’ve been judged for the people that I’m friends with at work and I’ve been told that I’m taking on too much and that’s why I don’t deserve a promotion.

It’s funny how quickly you can land on someone’s shit list there, and for the tiniest of things.

For the past year and some odd months, I’ve kept the peace. I show up on time, work my tail off, and even on my worst days, I end up with compliments from my customers.

But maybe it’s time to start stirring the pot.

My life needs a little more of the unknown, me thinks.

Stand by for a progress report.

Until tomorrow,



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