Pants-less Thursday

I don’t do it very often.

I’m not the biggest fan of my body to do it anyway, even if it’s just me, alone, with all the shades drawn.

But today seemed like a good day to go sans pants. 

I’m on duty until tomorrow so it’s not like I had to go into the diner. I didn’t have anything to work on in my office. I didn’t have anyone that I had to go see today. All I had was some homework and a full day to do it.

No pants it is.

It was a pretty good idea and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time without my two-legged friends, but now I’m agonizing over the fact that I’m about to have to get ready for class, which means taking a shower, putting on a real bra, and finding something to wear.

I’m just not down with that today, folks.

And now you might be wondering why I’m using a whole post to talk about how I didn’t wear pants today.

Well, it was partly to make everyone who had to wear pants today jealous, and because it’s my bloody blog and I’ll do what I like with it, thank you very much.

…And maybe I just wanted to see how many people I could make smile with a post titled “pants-less Thursday.” Much like my post BonerBonerBoner… 😛

But now I must run and pretend to be a grown up for a while in class…against my will….sort of…..

Please resume your day. 🙂

Until tomorrow,




One thought on “Pants-less Thursday

  1. I couldn’t help but open up your post cause of the title. I pretty much felt the same way throughout the day and I completely dreaded the fact that I had to get ready as well. 2 hrs at most ~
    Definitely made my night xD

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