I’m neglecting my books

They look so sad over there.


My books are just sitting on the shelf BEGGING to be read. They have been for a while.

And I’m heartless for ignoring them.

I miss when I had the time to get lost in a book — I’ve lived a thousand lives through the pages of my books.

But these days, I’d rather be doing mindless things like listening to HGTV in the background of my apartment or spend hours scrolling through tumblr looking for the next picture of a cup of coffee with some silly filter on it to reblog.

So it’s not really that I don’t have the time, I’ve just been sucked into this god-awful digital age that we live in. 

Which is funny because I like to complain about ebooks….but that’s a different story….

The point is, I don’t like that I’m not taking the time to read one of the many novels in my bookcase. 

With all of the crap that I have to deal with in my “real life,” I really need to take the time for a literary escape — maybe I’ll be able to regain my reputation for being able to block everything around me out while my nose is in a book.

New goal: Read more. It sounds simple, but I know it’s going to be tough. 

Time to unplug.

Until tomorrow,




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