Happy accidents. That’s essentially what serendipity is.

When you set out to do something and end up having something else, bigger and better happen instead.

Sometimes that’s how I feel about being in Moorhead.

Yeah, I wrote a post a couple days ago about how I’m burnt out on the area and how I wish I would have gone somewhere else, but sometimes I just need a word to make things feel a little bit better.

Today I went to the Tri-College RA conference at Concordia College with all of the RAs from MSUM and four other institutions. I’ll be honest, I was less than excited about having to spend six hours surrounded by people. 

But the very last session I went to, though it could have been much, much better, re-introduced me to the word ‘serendipity.’

It’s a cute little word, isn’t it? It sounds adorable when it rolls off your tongue, and tastes rather sweet. Try saying it without smiling even a little bit. I dare you.

Serendipity is responsible for things like the film “Rocky,” the discovery of penicillin, and even Google uses the idea as they create amazing things like Gmail over the lunch table. 

And it was this word that made me realize that had I not stayed in Moorhead for an additional two years, I would not have had the serendipitous moments that I’ve had.

I would not have built the friendship that I did with Kitten.

I would not have made connections with the Associate Director of Student Affairs of Notre Dame.

I would not have been given the opportunity to push myself through what currently feels like hell.

And for those reasons, among others, I am thankful to still be here.

I may be burnt out, but I’m happy that serendipity worked out in my favor.

Happy, itty bitty, accidents. I wouldn’t change any of them. Not a single one. 

Until tomorrow,



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