How did my apartment get this way?!

Sometimes I have a second to really look around my apartment.

My face almost always contorts into something of horror as I realize that I’ve been living in a mess for who-knows how long.

I wish I could say that this was an infrequent occurrence, but sadly it happens much more than I would have ever believed it would.It seems to me that I clean my apartment to nearly spotless and mere days later it’s in a complete state of disarray.

But why?? This is seriously one of those questions that plague me at night as I try to sleep and can’t. I’m actually convinced that this is another one of those life questions that will never have an answer…like where does the other sock go when it’s in the dryer? Or why do fools rush in? Or even how did Einstein get his hair like that, cuz guuuurrrllllllllll, that be trippinn’.

Yes. I did just say that about Einstein’s hair. Please carry on.

The point is, I’m barely in my apartment anyway, so when do I have the time to make it into the mess that it’s in right now?

Some say that I’m in and out so quickly that I just drop one load off to pick up another on my way out the door.

I say it’s the nargles.

Yep. Definitely the nargles.

But if anyone has any idea how to keep this from happening to me, I’d love to hear your solutions! But I won’t pressure you into doing anything. *waves cookies in front of your face as a bribe*

But until tomorrow,



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