November is coming.

It’s almost here. Two days. There’s not enough time.

That’s right, NaBloPoMo starts on Saturday! That’s National Blog Post Month for all of you n00bs. Kidding. But only sort of.

I’ll be attempting to write a blog post every day during the month of November once again, and hopefully this year I won’t drop off half way through due to some mental instability (we can talk about that more later. We have a whole month together!)

This time around, I’ve actually got a load of things that I can talk about to keep interest from my audience! WOO! We’ve got exams, heartbreak, kitchen tables, school/graduation, safe zone training, cats, and a whole plethora of other things. I’ve actually realized how cathartic writing has become for me and I’m excited to explore its benefits now that I’ve made said realization.

Expect rambling. Expect eccentricity. Expect everything you’ve grown to love (or hate) about me.

And as usual, if you’ve got something that you’d like to see me write about or would like my opinion on something, let me know! I love receiving writing topics!

So until Saturday,



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