Take a moment to laugh (in other words, watch this funny YouTube video)

Obviously there is nothing profound behind this post, but I think there is something profound in taking a moment to laugh at something stupid every day.

Today, I laughed when a contractor cut the wrong power line and lost power to part of campus (my supervisor and I high-fived over that one). I laughed when one of my clients told me a story about something that happened to them during their week that they, too, found to be hilarious. I laughed with my SPECTRUM students during their meeting as I recounted my experience at the strip club (don’t ask. Or do. Whatever.) over the weekend.

And of course, this video makes me laugh, too. (Thanks to my sister’s boyfriend for showing it to me!) I think I’ve watched this one fifteen times this week because it entertains me so much!

I’ve been told before that my laughter is contagious and that it’s one of the best parts of my being. Perhaps it’s because there’s something so candidly beautiful about laughter; the genuine burst of happiness that emits from someone when they’re least expecting it. Or maybe it’s because sometimes, my laugh is more funny that whatever it is that had made me laugh to begin with.

Either way, laughing is one of my most favorite things in the entire world, and my days are instantly made better by doing so.

So I encourage you, dear friends, to find the time every day to laugh. And hopefully this video helped. 🙂

So until tomorrow,



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