What we need

We’re often told that we can’t make certain situations about ourselves; that there is always someone who has it much worse that I could ever have. Perhaps that I should be humble and think constantly about how fortunate I am for the life that I’ve been given.

But why is it so wrong for me to want or not want something? When will I be able to make a decision to benefit myself and not have to explain my reasoning for it?

See, I’m a firm believer that it’s not always a bad thing to be selfish (even though I still struggle with it), and additionally, it’s not always bad to make yourself the center of any given situation (again, a struggle). If I want something, I should ask for it and not be ashamed because I’m doing so, no matter what the request may be.

Now, I’m not trying to come off as conceited or anything, I’m merely saying that sometimes we, as humans (especially humans in the Midwest) need to be willing to assess our lives and not feel guilty for trying to move forward in a positive direction. If we need help, physically or emotionally, we should ask for it. If we feel like we deserve more or less of something, we should voice it. And if we need to walk away from something, we owe it to ourselves to do it.

Yes. In doing this, hearts will be broken, opportunities may be lost, and feelings might be hurt. But we can not continue to believe that we’re bad people because any of these things or more happen in the process. We are merely human, and we mustn’t feed the wrong wolf.

I just want to see a world where we can say “yes” or “no” without having to explain ourselves. Adversely, I need a culture who can accept a “yes” or “no” without a reason behind it.

Because what’s the worst that can happen? You won’t get the answer that you wanted?

Be brave. Be calm.

Until tomorrow,



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