Turn and face the strain

Woo! I changed my blog’s theme! (Also, kudos to anyone who knows why the title of this post is what it is by the end of reading it. 😉 )

It feels a bit cleaner now, don’t you think? I like the contrast between the before and the after quite a bit; moving from dark to light, a lovely change.

Sometimes it’s difficult to let ourselves change things, or be changed for that matter. I know that I find myself emotionally attached to more things that I would like to admit. My blog, for example, has looked exactly the same since I started it in November of 2010 and I had grown pretty attached to the dark-scaled color. Perhaps it was because I desperately longed to be a “brooding soul” or something dumb like that (emo college freshman probs), or maybe because I constantly find myself attracted to the darker side of things. Either way, I’ve resisted changing the way it looked because it just didn’t feel “right.” And it’s not just my blog, it’s a lot of things. Routines, the people I spend time with, the theories that I tend to flock to…the list goes on.

But it seems to me that change generally leads to growth. Maybe changing the way my blog looks won’t make me grow as a writer or as a human of this earth or something, but it was enough of one to make me realize that even the smallest of changes can be thought-provoking (also a vehicle for growth in my opinion).

So now I wonder: If I can change something as simple as the color of my blog, what other things can I change for the better in my life?

One small step today, 65 bajillion leaps in the rest of my life. Amirite? 😛

Until tomorrow,



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