Goodnight Elliott

Sir Elliott is meowing my ear off at the moment. And it’s probably because he knows that it will be another night that he’s locked out of my room. And he’s already upset that I won’t let him stand on my computer while I’m trying to write this post.

eilliottYeah. You read that right: Elliott isn’t allowed to be in my room at night anymore. I mean, I love the guy, but I lose sleep at night because he wants to pounce on my head…or knead my boobs…or wake me up at 5 am to be fed only to not eat any of the food I give him. It’s like he’s a nocturnal mammal or something, geez…

But the worst part is, and it’s probably because I’m a jerk, I sort of lead him on. I carry him around the apartment under my arm as I flip light switches and turn off the television. It’s only when turn on his nightlight and give him a big hug that he realizes that he’s been foiled again and tries to fight me so that he can run into my room before I tell him that he can’t. But then I put him on the floor outside my door and close it quickly, because I swear, this damn cat is a friggin’ ninja. I add to it by saying “Thanks for playing, buh-bye!” as the door closes on him.

photo (2)I think by now he’s gotten pretty used to it though. He doesn’t start meowing again until about 6 or 7 in the morning, and he’s recently made a home in the closet on the bottom shelf where he likes to stare at me with judgmental eyes while I try to pick out shoes to wear in the morning.

So really, am I a bad parent? Or am I doing us both a favor? I get to sleep, and Elliott gets to be a dick somewhere else.

I think it’s definitely a win-win. x

Thanks to Miss Hannah for suggesting that I write about how I say goodnight to my cat. You can check out her blog HERE. Her posts are short, sweet, and thought-provoking. Definitely worth a gander. 🙂

I’ve got a couple good post ideas coming up for the next week, so you’ve got those to look forward to! Whoodie-woop!

So until tomorrow,



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