I fell in love with this song today…

Sometimes I have a grave inner-conflict. I love to share the music I love with the people around me; I want everyone to experience and be moved by the compilation of letters and chords in a way that they may never recover from. My unapologetic hipster side, however, wants to keep all of the music I love to myself for fear that something beautiful becomes too popular and the beauty fades.

This song, however, I want to be shared. I want us all to soak it in and let it pull us along; have us be stretched and molded into something new.

And maybe this is a song that will only do something for me today, but I hope that it, at the very least, puts a smile on your face this evening.

Hopefully I’ll be back with some interesting things to talk about this week as I feel I’ve been lacking lately in my writing. I’m looking for inspiration everywhere, but not everything clicks. I’ll get there though.

So until tomorrow,



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