In the right place at the right time

Today while I serving tables at Kroll’s, I had an awesome interaction with a couple who wasn’t even in my section.

We were pretty slow at the diner for a Sunday morning, and a former Kroll’s server sat in my section. She was asking me how I was and whether or not I was still working at the college and going to school. I told her I was, that I’m still enjoying it, but that I’m excited for it to be May so I can high tail it the f*ck out of here. I want to be outside of the five state area to see what I can do with my degree and my life. She laughed and I moved on to another table in my section.

A couple minutes later, I was on my way to deliver some coffee to a different table when the couple I mentioned earlier asked me about paying for their bill. Of course I answered their question, and I even went to get them some lids for their portion cups with syrup in them.

And then one simple conversation re-solidified my decision to go into a counseling career.

Because a couple who was simply enjoying their breakfast on a Sunday morning happened to overhear me talking about leaving the five-state area with a previous Kroll’s server and they wanted me to know that no matter where I go with my life, it’s okay to come back to a familiar place if I ever need to. Because while they live in Manhattan now, they love coming back to Fargo. “The people are nicer here,” one of them remarked.

But not only that, they took the time to ask me what I’m going to grad school for and were elated when I told them that I want to work with LGBTQ youth, and supported my “big ol’ goal” to work for the Trevor Project. They gave me the support that I needed in that moment keep moving forward.

As a gay couple themselves, they told me it was refreshing to meet someone who had such a passion for LGBTQ rights in Fargo, North Dakota and that my dreams and goals are valiant.

They wished me luck, and we parted ways.

Isn’t it weird how people come into our lives for five minutes and leave an imprint for an eternity? Because the support of these men, though small, is important to me. They made me remember that I can achieve any goal that I set my mind to as long as I don’t let my passion die, and keep moving forward.

I desperately needed that reminder today, and it will continue to be a reminder for the days to come. xx

So until tomorrow,



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