An unusual Thanksgiving. Or maybe not-so-much.

Thanksgiving normally in stills thoughts of family and overrating and turkey.

Thanksgiving for me brings thoughts of movies, some random meal, and being bored. And this year was no different.

I woke up to a snuggly cat, made some coffee, and turned on the Thanksgiving Day Parade. I drank a mimosa, and we had Thanksgiving brunch. And since then, I’ve been sat in the same place and have watched 2.5 movies and an episode of Doctor Who.

I’m. So. Bored.

I’m not saying that I wish we did a huge family thing, because I don’t. One less holiday to have people ask me about what I’m doing with my life just to pretend that they actually care? Yes please. But it doesn’t stop me from feeling grumpy that is just past 6:30 and it feels like I should go to bed.

Perhaps I’m just not cut out to spend this many days at home in a row. Or maybe I should just sleep regardless of the holiday.

Either way, I’m going to quit rambling and finish this movie. Then I’ll debate myself on going to bed early or not. Haha

I hope you all have had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with food and fun!
And if you’re going out shopping tomorrow that you snatch up all that you’re looking for!

So until tomorrow,



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