All good things must come to an end.

Well hello Day 30. 🙂

I’ve been awaiting you for some time now. I’ve been waiting through every video I posted just to fill space, through every post about mental health, and through every set of ramblings.

There were times when I didn’t think I’d make it. Racing to make a post exist before the time ticked over to midnight and creating something out of a (dreaded) lack of inspiration. Bullshitting myself to believe that I was cut out to be successful.

But it all paid off: Only one late post among 30 topics, each day forcing me to do some self-meditation even if it only lasted for a few minutes.

I can honestly say that this year’s NaBloPoMo was the adventure and challenge that I needed. Despite it being my third year of participation, it made me dedicate to something during a time that I didn’t have the time to really dedicate to it, and it forced me to acknowledge and work through some things that I didn’t really want to. The best part is that honestly, I was only competing against myself.

So what will I do now that the month is over? Well, every year I say that I’m going to implement some sort of regular blogging schedule. And every year I fail miserably and end up writing some post containing a huge apology to people who don’t really care that I’ve been gone. So I’ve decided that I’ll write when I have the time and hope that something beautiful comes from it. I want to write when I’ve been moved, not because I’m trying to prove something to myself or someone else.

So expect rambles, and prose; expect rants and poetry. You can expect a number of things, but you’ll never see the post coming. x

I hope you’ve enjoyed these 30 days as much as I have, and I hope to see you in future posts, whenever that may be.

So until next time,



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