Good signs

I just got back from having dinner with Kid Sister, and I’m telling you: Nothing makes me feel like I’m throwing away a workout more than agreeing to get Chinese food WHILE I’m on the elliptical. But shoot, it’s so rare for me to pass up an invitation of that nature.

Though, for as much as I like lo-mein and potstickers and chicken and broccoli, the best part of getting Chinese food from a buffet, in my opinion, is the fortune cookie at the end.

I often find myself looking for signs that something will or will not happen in my life in some of the most ridiculous places. So yeah, the fortune that  is housed in that delicious cookie prison is the perfect place to try and build a foundation for what is to come in my life, even if it’s only for five minutes of comfort.

Tonight’s fortune was no different.

Fortune Cookie, 02 November, 2015As far as best case scenarios go, this was such a glorious “sign” to be dropped into my lap this evening.

It’s left me wondering though…what is luck anyway? Is it really something that exists? Is there a Felix Felicis in production somewhere that allows for only the good things to happen to us?

Or do we make our own luck? Do our experiences and knowledge create the good things and we merely mask it by saying that we’re lucky?

Regardless of what luck really is, or what we want to believe it is, I’m taking this fortune as a sign of good things to come in the near future. I’m going to need as many good signs as possible in the next two weeks.

More to come on that. 😉

So until tomorrow,



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