How to save a life

Early this afternoon I was conversing with a dear friend about the beautifully poetic way he expresses even the most mundane things to me and others.

“Alas the reason I have to make inane days poetic is simply to save my life.”

And as per usual, his words sent my thoughts spiraling again.

“I think nobody knows they are saving their own lives,” he continues, “but we do it all the time with our routines, in conversations, in the little invisible lexicon of what makes us happy lies a life saver. Each day is a slow unwrapping of that fact.”

I mean, really. Who is this guy how to I learn to see the world in a similar way?

But it’s true, isn’t it? We’re continuously searching for the next thing to keep us afloat; the next hobby or sequence which gives us some sort of meaning and encourages us to keep moving forward.

Don’t deny it: Upon reading this you’ve already thought of at least one thing, one procedure, or one idea that would alter your outlook on life if it suddenly…disappeared or became muddled. You’ve started to assess how you spend every single day learning and re-learning how to save your own life.

Sure, we can contribute some of our success to the people around us, but remember: You let them in. We’ve selected to be surrounded by the people who give us the best chance at surviving.

Because the thing about all of this is that we have to want to continue on each and every day. And when we do, we do everything possible to set ourselves up for success.

We get to be the hero/ines of our own stories, even if it feels a little strange to consider how it’s happening…how it’s always happened.

And to think that I never thought of what it takes to save a life until my conversation with that dear friend today.

How dare he give me a new way to look at my life.

Until tomorrow,



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