Just following the trend

Writer’s block.

It’s a trend, I’ve realized.

This is year three of facing down the relatively short tunnel that is NaBloPoMo, and it seems that by Day 8, I run face-first into an awful block.

The problem this year, however, is that I’ve been given a generous amount of prompts from many of my friends and relatives and still feel like I have nowhere to run with them.

And as I’ve been sat on the sofa watching ridiculous reality television and a slew of films, I’ve been contemplating what I should write about today…wondering if there’s anything floating around in my head to watch make its way across my computer’s screen.

The answer has finally come to me:


No, there isn’t anything that I’m feeling greatly compelled to talk about today. And I’m okay knowing that. It’d probably get me into trouble with some people if I pushed it too hard anyway.

There’s always tomorrow, right? Try, try again.

So until tomorrow,



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