I didn’t want to write today

It’s true when people say that it only takes one day to mess up a habit. And I’m a prime example of how easy it is to mess up a good thing. 

I didn’t write a blog post yesterday in the midst of another long day of traveling, and it took a crazy amount of motivation to get me to even start writing this one. Hell, I woke up this morning with full intentions of writing two posts; one to make up for yesterday, and a second for day 14. But after having one day without writing, it was amazingly difficult to start up again today. 

But really, what is motivation anyway? 

I mean, there are loads of things that inspire motivation, of course. Guilt or excitement for example. And motivation is literally the desire to do something, but sometimes I wonder what, in the end, actually makes us “do the thing”?

I’m not always convinced that we’re really motivated by anything to do what we do, but I’m not sure how to prove that at the moment. 

I guess I’ll just continue to ponder. 

I promise to make up for the lost day at some point this month, but today is not that day. 

So until tomorrow,



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