Let’s talk about cats (again)

According to Timehop, two years ago I wrote this post and blatantly said that, while I like things that have cats on them and that only two cats in the entire world had won me over, I don’t much care for cats. And I’m pretty sure that I also said that I was much more of a dog person.

Apparently things have changed in the past two years, eh?

I literally do not go a day now without talking about how much I love cats. Or, at the very least, I don’t go a day without talking about MY cat.


Dat cat, doh.

Yeah. I got a cat. Haven’t you been following along? Geez.

And I often wonder about this change in my thoughts. Or large thought changes like this in general (depending on what you consider to be a “large change” to be anyway). How can we go from essentially despising something to absolutely adoring it?

Do we merely become more accepting of it? Do we tolerate it? Has our understanding of it changed thus making us more receptive to it?

I can’t say for sure what happened to make me like cats more. Perhaps I was conditioned by Petra and Ollie during that year that I got to spend with them. Or maybe it was just by chance that my mind changed.

But you know? I’m pretty damn thankful that my mind did change. Cuz now I get to spend every day with this asshole of a cat. I kid, I kid.

Sir Elliott McSquigglepants in most definitely my “Man Crush Monday” every single day. 🙂

Until tomorrow,




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