I finished Breaking Bad today…

I watched the entire series of Breaking Bad in 19 days.

I am not ashamed.

I am so happy that I’m done.


I have never watched a show where I hated almost every single character, including the protagonist, as much as I hated the characters in Breaking Bad.

Seriously though. I think out of every single character that I encountered in the entire show, I only liked five of them. The first broke my heart at least once in every episode. Three get murdered. And the last was a child.

Shit statistics if you ask me.

But I was wondering today after I watched the final episode (which, by the way was not the way I wanted the show to end. I don’t know what I wanted to happen, but I don’t think that was it) why I didn’t like very many of the characters.

I mean, I assume that one of the points of the show is that someone can, in fact, sympathize with a drug lord and that sometimes good people get wrapped up in bad situations out of desperation.

Or maybe addiction is the underlying theme which unites all of the characters. Addiction to money, success, lying, drugs, etc…..they were all covered. But are these things foundation enough for me to borderline hate all of these characters?

What was it that kept me plowing through all five seasons in less than three weeks if I seemed to hate everyone so much and found that their actions gave me so much anxiety?

The only answer I could come up with was that I was intrigued; I just wanted to see how it all ended. I was convinced that nothing good could come from the ending of the show, thus pushing me forward in the twisted universe that was Breaking Bad.

At least my favorite character didn’t die like I thought they were going to.

But I guess, in the end, I get to appreciate each of the characters, especially Walter White, for being phenomenal characters….even if I still hate them.

Damn you Vince Gilligan for your brilliant creation.

Until tomorrow,



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