I did traditional “group things” by myself today and the world didn’t end

Today I ate breakfast at the Village Inn (by myself) and saw The Peanuts Movie (by myself).

I thought it was going to feel weird doing these things that we usually reserve for doing in groups of two or more as a party of one, but really, it didn’t feel any differently at all.

Walk in, do the thing, walk out.


There was no sounding of the bell toll. The earth did not stop rotating on its axis. Life kept moving forward.

So why do so many people, much like myself, feel weird about doing things like going to “sit down” restaurants and seeing films at the cinema by themselves? Who decided that our comfort zone needs to include people to do certain activities?

When I was waiting tables, not once did I ever think differently of someone who came in to have lunch or supper by themselves, so why would I think that other servers would think differently of me?

I think that in reality, it’s just that society has made it mandatory to be an extrovert; we’re expected as humans to socialize and do things in groups despite the research and understanding that has been made revolving around introverts.

And I, someone who is comfortable with my introverted title, am just as guilty of giving in to the notion that I need to spend my time with other people in order to be “normal.”

But you know, I’ve eaten in a restaurant and seen a movie in the cinema by myself once, I can do it over and over and over again now.

So unite introverts! (In our own homes. Away from one another. At our own pace.)

Until tomorrow,



One thought on “I did traditional “group things” by myself today and the world didn’t end

  1. classyivy says:

    Great post! I’m an introvert and I went to see a movie by myself for the first time last year. I always thought that it would feel weird-but it didn’t. I no longer feel ‘abnormal’ about being an introvert-I feel pretty cool about it!

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