Late night thoughts

I wonder, I wonder, in these last ten minutes of day 24 if I’m doing the right thing; is moving away to a far-off land the best decision for my two-days-less-than-twenty-five-years-old self? Is leaving all of my friends and family behind in the wake of my grand adventure the most selfish thing I’ve ever done? Should I ignore all doubt in the process?


And that’s all I need.

This is the best decision I can make right now. Those friends and family members will be waiting for me if they’re worth anything. Sometimes we need to be selfish. The doubt is just my brain trying to talk myself out of going on an adventure.

Everything is going to be perfect.

Until tomorrow,



One thought on “Late night thoughts

  1. gretchen says:

    Perfectly brilliant and the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself so you get to BE your BEST self for said friends and family. Cannot wait for all the excitement you’ll encounter!!

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