I caught the “Grey’s Anatomy” fever

I’m almost two full seasons into watching Grey’s Anatomy for the first time in my life and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the worst decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Whose bright idea was it to make this show in the first damn place?!


Okay…so maybe it wasn’t the worst decision, but it’s definitely up there on the scale — just somewhere below some ex-boyfriends and above eating a baby octopus head (that’s a different story for a different time, though).

Perhaps I’ve decided that this was a bad decision because this show makes me cry more frequently (at least once every other episode if not more), and harder (think the ugliest, grossest cry you’ve ever had and multiply it by three) than I’ve ever cried before, or maybe it’s because I feel like I can connect to each of the characters on a weird personal level that rarely happens when I watch television shows which kind of makes me uncomfortable because, well, it’s kind of spooky sometimes. And even furthermore, maybe it’s just because I know that there are 12 seasons on Netflix with approximately 27 episodes each at around 45 minutes long. I’m not a mathematician, but that sounds like a lot of time spent in front of a television.

And then, even after I think about all the reasons why I want to hate this show, I wonder why it took twelve and a half seasons before I ever decided to start watching it at all. Wait…come to think of it, why did I start watching it at all?!

I feel like I should have better things to do than park myself in front of a television for hours on end and put myself through emotional distress as caused by fictional characters who I wish I could know in real life.

Oh yeah. I remember now: Because I’m competitive and decided that I wanted to engage my boyfriend in a race to finish the series that he didn’t know I signed him up for after he started four episodes before me.

It’ll be one hell of a race if you ask me.

So wish me luck  as I continue on this rollercoaster of a ride; I’m sure there’s worse to come.

Oh, and if you need a support group because you’ve engaged yourself in your own race of hell, I’m happy to help you up. We can cry about fictional characters together!

Until tomorrow,

cheers. xx


One thought on “I caught the “Grey’s Anatomy” fever

  1. N. says:

    I fell into the Grey’s Anatomy trap back in college and not is that show addictive! Thankfully, I lost interest after the 5th or 6th season for reasons that I cannot outline without giving away spoilers 😆

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