Thoughts from places: My office in Suites

There’s a very high probability that I’m currently typing this blog on my computer in my office in the building where I live because I accidentally locked myself out of my apartment when I hastily left in my pursuit for food.

It’s also quite probable that I just cracked open the chips and salsa I bought at Stop & Shop in an attempt to reduce my hunger as quickly as possible.”Hanger” would be an understatement when describing my emotions about my predicament right now.

“So how did this even happen?” you may be asking, “How does someone who constantly tells students to make sure they have their keys with them get locked out of their apartment?!”

Work-life balance happened. That’s what.

Or at least I was trying to have work-life balance anyway.

See, my employee ID functions as my keycard into my building and into my apartment, so I don’t even have to carry physical keys to enter my living space. However, my ID card is attached to my work phone, and when I decide to leave my work phone on my kitchen table so I can disconnect from work for a little bit and I leave my apartment with out it, I’m locked out.

My only way in: Wait for whoever is on duty to come save my ass or get creative in trying to get in.

I’ve settled on the former.

I wish I could say that this is the first time that I’ve locked myself out of my apartment, but I can’t. The trend? It almost always happens when I’m trying to leave work at work and be independent of it (a difficult feat when you literally live where you work).

Clearly this boils down to one of two things: The universe is either telling me to throw the whole idea of work-life balance out the window, or it’s telling me to slow the fuck down and pay attention to the little things again.

Either way, I’m listening Universe. I’m listening.

Until tomorrow,

cheers. xx


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