The sun will rise in the morning

I’d be lying to you and myself if I said that I had anything good to say about the state of the election right now.

I’ve been stress-baking for the past few hours. I’ve literally been on the verge of tears. I even told my cat that it was his fault that Trump is in the lead.

And then, Obama popped back up in my feed — almost as if he had slowly tried to fade into the background or slip out the back door of the White House then realized that he still had millions of people who needed to hear his words of wisdom a few more times.

In less than two minutes, he lovingly¬†chats about how strange this election has been at times, and why we should pay attention to elections even when it’s not presidential. He stays calm, stays goofy, and reminds those of us who fell in love with him as president eight years ago and who he picked up along the way that we’re going to be okay.

And even if you were never on his side, maybe this one video could change your mind.

“We can choose to see the best in one another.”

Thanks, Obama.

Until tomorrow,

cheers. xx


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