Thoughts from places: Sean’s sofa

Sometimes we just need to be with friends.

I didn’t know what my friend structure was going to look like upon moving to Massachusetts, but I’m happy to know that I have coworkers who I can call my friends and that they’ll have my back.

Tonight has been a full-on heart-to-heart full of chats about politics, our love lives, work, and so much more.

And while this blog will not go into detail, I hope it’s enough to remind you why it’s important to have some sort of support system, no matter where you are in your life. Or perhaps this is your sign to contact that one friend who you’ve been missing for a while and invite them back into your circle.

For me, tonight I’m thankful that Sean is not only my coworker, but one of my closest friends. I’ll be forever comforted by knowing that he was the first person to welcome me into my job at Curry.

Until tomorrow,

cheers. xx


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