It’s Sunday and I don’t feel ready for the week

How did it become Sunday night so quickly?

Like most weekends, I feel like I blinked and suddenly my entire weekend was over. But this weekend feels especially daunting knowing the amount of things that are coming my way in the next few days.

I should be excited, right? This week is two and a half days long for me, I don’t have to be on duty anymore, and I get to fly back to Minnesota for a much-needed vacation!

Instead, all I can think about is the ridiculous amout of things that I need to accomplish between right now and the moment I leave campus for the airport on Wednesday.

And I wish I could say that all of the things I needed to accomplish were the fun parts of my job. Instead, they’re things like making sure that all of my students left for break and that they know how to follow directions (spoiler: They don’t). And the other parts of my week are the not-fun parts about travelling, like packing (really, this is just because I put it off until the last possible moment. (Ah, yes, procrastination: My old friend)).

Anyway, the point is that while I’m excited for the good things that will come at the end of my week, I am in no way prepared for the first few days ahead of me. Because honestly, I just don’t wanna do them.

So if you see me hitting my head against my desk prior to my departure to Minnesota, do me a favor and put a pillow down for me in between smacks.

Until tomorrow,

cheers. xx


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