The perfect cookie quest

It’s been 171 days since I left Minnesota and drove 1,468 miles to Milton, Massachusetts for a new job. And on day one in my new home on the first floor in a residence hall with brick walls and carpet in my kitchen, I discovered the worst thing any hobby-baker could find: My oven is a piece of shit.

“But Melynda! It can’t be that bad!” they exclaim.

You haven’t the slightest clue, my friends.

At first, it was finding out that I have a smaller-than-average sized oven which doesn’t adequately hold my cookie sheets. *sigh*

“They’re just cookie sheets, Melynda! You can get smaller ones!” they plead.

“But I like MY cookie sheets. They’re high-quality and they bake 12 cookies at a time!” I throw back.

THEN! I realize that my hotter-than-average oven runs, well, hotter-than-average when the Digiorno pizza that kid sister and I had been craving all afternoon BURNED a full eight minutes before it was supposed to be done!

“But at least your oven is hot at all!” they try to compromise.

“I want things to cook when they say they’re going to cook! Not before! Not after! Right on time!” I scream with my fist in the air.

And then the final straw: When my perfected-cookie-baking-technique was compromised by my hotter-than-and-smaller-than-average, no good, dirty-rotten, pig stealing, great, great grand-oven and my usually beautiful cookies were RUINED. And they were ruined over, and over, and over again.

I was devastated.

Ask any of my co-workers; they’ll tell you the effect this oven has had on my well-being.

BUT! This, my friends, is a bad story-turned-happy!

There are silver linings to be seen here! Like my smaller-than average sized cookie sheet being delivered from Minnesota (at least it was already mine, right?) and realizing that my cookies take, on average, three minutes less than usual! And by combining these things, I’ve had fewer burnt cookies and happier RAs.

My perfect cookie quest continues as I battle the dragon-oven, but you know, my snickerdoodles were borderline perfect on Tuesday evening.

My well-being has significantly improved.

Until next time,

cheers. xx


Domestic Melynda

Yes. Domestic Melynda made another appearance today.

See, my roommate Hannah and I joked all summer when I didn’t have a job about how I was her housewife. She would go to work in the morning, I would go to the gym, come home, shower, and have lunch waiting for her at 11:57am every day when she would come home on lunch break. We’d chat then she’d be on her way and I’d wash all the dishes then read a book or clean something.

But then I got a job as a nanny so I couldn’t make lunch as often. Then SOC training started. Then I just didn’t have the time or the means to cook for Hannah.

So today when I was sitting in class, and quite frankly not paying attention (stay tuned for a post on not paying attention in class coming soon!), I was scrolling down FB when I happened upon a post by my friend Katie who shared a link to a blog with reviews and articles on different beers. The specific article was about how President Obama  started a brewery in the White House during his term so far. So naturally, I was interested because I love the Obama Family and, thanks to Hannah, I also love beer.

But after reading the article, I decided to check out the rest of the blog. And there it was: A recipe for beer cupcakes. In that moment, I made it my life’s mission to go home after that class, get in my car to go to the liquor and grocery stores, and make these bound-to-be amazing morsels of deliciousness.

And that’s what I did.

You guys. My roommate Laura and I made cupcakes from SCRATCH. No box mixes for us! Just cupcakes made of pure awesomeness and fueled by liquor.

They turned out awesome and taste delicious!

You can click HERE for the link to the recipe. Go try them! They’re great!

But what really hit me on this whole thing was how awesome and how domestic I felt while I was doing it. Like it was the only thing I wanted to do or soemthing. That making something out of quite literally nothing was just the best thing that I could do.

But then I remembered just how much I don’t want that for my life. I want to go see the world and do things while I can.

Now, I’m not saying that liking to bake or cook makes you a domestic person and that you’re bound to doing that for the rest of your life and that you’re going to be a stay-at-home dad or mum. And I’m not saying that because you or I like to bake that we’re not going to accomplish anything in our lives.

I actually think that it’s the opposite. We can MAKE something. There are people around who have no idea that you can make macaroni and cheese and it doesn’t come in a blue box. And there are people who actually believe that the only way to make a cake is if Betty Crocker gives you the directions on the side of some cardboard.

We have the ability to create things when there once was nothing there.

But for me, I need to remember that this is just going to be a hobby. I can bake cupcakes and I can put beer in them. But I also know that I want to make something of my life and with my life. It’s doable. I can feel it.

And so that wraps up today’s post about cupcakes and beer. But really people, those cupcakes are damn delicious. If you’re in the MSUM area and you’re currently reading this post, stop by my house for one of these cupcakes. I’m pretty excited about them.

Next week I hope to have a post up about not paying attention in class. We can all thank Dan J for that one. Trust me, it’s probably going to be a good post.

You should also stay tuned for my upcoming posts for a Harry Potter read along that I’m doing by a passive request by my friend Jenna. We’re taking a class together that is only about the HP books and films and how they and their author changed and molded a generation, and how these books are still being viewed and critiqued. You can read Jenna’s posts about Harry Potter and other awesome things on her blog, Lost Generation Reader.

Finally, for those of you who haven’t heard yet, I’m working as an opinion columnist for The Advocate. I’m making attempts at writing a piece for every week, but I’m not sure how well that will go. Check out last week’s article for my tips for upperclassmen when it comes to our baby dragons. You can find that one HERE.

So yep. Here’s the part when you all ask questions or give me things to write about. Leave it in a comment below. It will make me smile a whole hell of a lot. :]

So until next time,